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Franse Lavendel Patchouli Roomspray

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We add this delicious scent to every order. Prefer a whole bottle? Order it here! This will ensure a lovely scent in your closet or walk-in wardrobe. Keep moths away from your beautiful silk and woollen scarves.
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Franse Lavendel Patchouli Roomspray

Brought by the British in the 19th century from Southeast Asia across the Silk Road... Patchouli is a luxurious and full-bodied fragrance that has a spicy and woody feel, this scent is combined with the soft Provençal scent of lavender.

Both ingredients are often used to prevent moths and other insects from settling in your wardrobe. Use this room spray in your walk-in wardrobe or hallway where your coats hang.

This fragrance is from the series 'Plaisir des Sens' translated as Pleasure of the Senses.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, aqua, parfum, nopyl acetate, linalool, triclodecenyl-9-acetate, linalyl acetate, ethyl vanillin, 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate, coumarin, nerol, geraniol

Fabrique en France / Made in France

Colour: Transparent
Material: Glass bottle with label
Brand: Un été en Provence
Diameter: 4,2 cm
Content: 100 ml
Land of Origin: France
EAN: 3760209491234