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Pure values: Perfection, Unique, Reliable, Exclusive

4 reasons why your Little Trophy is special.

Do you have a scarf or other product from Little Trophy? Congratulations!!! We assure you that this is a unique product that should be worn with pride. Here's why:

1. Perfection
Perfection is our standard. We work exclusively with high-quality fabrics and use the best printing and weaving techniques in the world. Each scarf is critically checked and carefully finished. We also deliver each purchase in a beautiful storage box, which is also suitable as gift packaging.

2. Unique
All designs and fabrics are unique, because they are designed by a Dutch designer. Each design has its own story. You can recognize a Little Trophy by the little trophy that is subtly incorporated into each design.

3. Reliable
We only work with reliable producers where we can supervise the entire production process. Even down to the labels. All of our suppliers come from Europe. This is important for us to be able to monitor working conditions and the use of chemicals.

4. Exclusive
Our scarves are exclusive, because they are produced in a limited edition. This way we contribute to the environment, because our footprint is small. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. We make a difference by producing small with GOTS certified inks.